A Magnificent Success

March 25, 2010

Re: Article: Waterloo | FrumForum

Ah Ann Coulter (yummy!) the glamorous gal who infamously called George II’s Iraq war “a magnificent success!” — (so much for judgement……… but who wouldn’t want to watch a rusty Islamofacist knife sawing through her bizarrely elongated neck?)

Quality conservative commentary? hmmmmm,  that’s rather elusive these days — Coulter and Limbaugh are not conservatives they are infotainers, Sarah Palin is the centerfold for the Tea Party Monthly and William Crystal is a Nazi.  Look, Conservatives have hot blond babes on Fox, Liberals have Rachael “strap on” Maddow, like I said previously — beware the lure of the blond side.   Probably best to just to listen to me.

Health care — the good news — only 12 more years until I qualify for Medicare!

The gooder news – possible offer on house!
Alahu Akbar!

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